Our Green Commitment


The Earth is a finite resource and large chunks of it are being gobbled up rather quickly. So we feel we have a duty to make Chalet Chocolat as green and environmentally responsible as we can. To help reduce our impact, we have focused our efforts in these main areas:

Construction and Design

  • 3 x the regular amount of insulation in the walls, roof and floors.
  • Low-emission glass windows.
  • Solar gain: the chalet captures sunlight during the winter.
  • Retains solar gain at night with closure of solid wooden shutters.
  • Overlapping roof detail, prevents direct sunlight entering the chalet, keeping it cool in summer.
  • Materials sourced as locally as possible to reduce carbon footprint.

Interior Design

  • Water efficient  Hansgrohe showers.
  • AAA+ electric clothes dryer.
  • High-efficiency wood-burning stove with masonry thermal store.
  • All appliances the most efficient model at the time of purchase.
  • State of the art hot tub most insulated model on the market at the time of purchase.
  • Solid wooden and stone floors.
  • Jute carpeting.
  • Super-efficient heating systems.
  • Electric green energy plan.
  • Recycling actively encouraged-provision for paper, plastic, tin and in the village centre.
  • Natural interior paints.
  • Natural floor oils and waxes.


  • No pesticides used
  • Bird boxes throughout garden
  • Mason bee box to encourage pollination
  • Native alpine plant species only to encourage wildlife and butterflies
  • Longer term plans: to introduce a comprehensive solar hot water system.