I don’t know if it’s the taste of our delicious apple tart, the sounds of the leaves crunching beneath our feet, the warm late afternoon light, the sound of chopping wood or the crackling of a fire in the hearth…  but with the majestic French Alps as a backdrop, autumn doesn’t get much better than this.

In the UK,  autumn can feel a bleak time of year with the shortening of days, dark mornings and the seemingly endless rain, that does nothing to lighten our mood. 

But in the French Alps, the low arc of the sun brings crystal clear blue skies. The landscape, in perfect juxtaposition with the sky, burns orange and fiery red against the soft backdrop of silver birch and evergreens.

 It is a photographer’s inspiration, a hiker’s dream, a mountainbiker’s nivarna, a cyclist’s heaven and the birthplace of paragliding. Have we convinced you yet?

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Autumn Bed and Breakfast Offer

We are offering Chalet Chocolat’s apartment this autumn with a bountiful, healthful Alpine breakfast for only £120/night for two ( £160 for four) and and an optional evening meal, if you request it in advance of your stay.