Winter 2012/13

"snow history for samoens"

Snowfall is always a subject of great conjecture. However, an obvious misnomer  is that there is a direct link between altitude and snowfall. In fact, a resort’s position relative to or within a mountain range is far more significant than many skiers realise. The resorts with the best snowfall are those that are both high and close to the northern or western periphery of the Alps.

This makes the Grand Massif, with its proximity to Mont Blanc perfectly placed  to enjoy abundant, regular snowfalls throughout the season, more so than other well-known resorts in the area. It’s a widely known fact among the skiing fraternity here, that the area benefits from great spring snow. With 80% of the slopes facing north, the snow tends to lie for longer and remain in better condition and shhhhhh… don’t shout about it, but the powder is awesome!

Take a look at Samoens’ snow history from 2012/13 above, then compare them with Avoriaz, another well-known ski area that lies a little higher, but further away from Mont Blanc. Avoriaz gets the snow a little earlier in the season. However, Samoens enjoys consistently more snowfall, despite its lower elevation.

These comparative stats on 2011/12 and 2012/13 snowfalls make interesting reading. No snoringly boring graphs on this post!

Winter 2011/12

"snow history for Samoens"

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