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Il neige des fleurs


Once the snow has melted away and with the sun quickly rising in the sky, the mountains spring into life with lush pastures and a myriad of alpine flowers carpeting the hillsides.  Butterflies and bees along with deer, chamois and ibex can be seen feeding on the abundant natural food store. It’s a great time for hiking and exploring by foot or with a donkey along one of the many marked trails, both on the valley floor and in the mountains.

As the spring temperatures rise, the snow-melt comes thundering down in the form of many giant waterfalls pouring over 700 metre rock faces to the streams and rivers below. For the brave, it’s possible to abseil down the smaller ones in the form of ‘canyoning’. Further downriver, the water sports activities come into their own where it’s possible to raft or canoe down the white water through a magical gorge toward the village of Samoens and beyond.

Despite its extraordinary beauty, spring is short-lived in the mountains and is quickly followed by rising temperatures.

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Summer sees the Samoens valley enjoying hot sunny days and balmy nights, with cooling thermal breezes that make the high average temperatures feel quite tolerable. Summer thunderstorms never last long, but they are memorable part of the climate there. Giant forks of lightning light up the sky as thunder crashes and reverberates off the mountain sides. It’s a profound reminder of the wildness of this place and few things are as exhilarating!

Then, as the sun lowers in the sky, the autumnal colours of fall reflect boldly against the deep blue skies, making this the perfect season for exploring the area by foot or mountain bike. It is no surprise to learn therefore, that the micro-climate in the Samoens valley is thought to be one of the most favourable in the world.

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